1. daniellemiami's Avatar
    Hi guys I need your help.

    I just bought an unlocked BB tour from off ebay - the phone is from us cellular

    My email works normal, my bbm works normal, my phone and text messaging works normal.

    Problems - I can't receive html email on my phone

    -I can't access the internet through my browser. I need the at&t service books - but then i called up at&t who told me to call blackberry and they said there are no service books that will allow the internet to work on this device, which i highly doubt.

    Any advice? How can i get my internet working on this unlocked device through the browser, download applications, etc.

    Does anyone have service books they can send me? Im not a pro at this so i need all the help i can get - thanks!
    12-15-09 03:22 PM
  2. bkorver's Avatar
    12-15-09 03:32 PM