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    I am limited to what I can do w my phone-Z10, am at Verizon's mercy with what is available on it. I keep hearing that having an unlocked phone is the way to go, but when I asked Verizon about bringing in a phone, they were understanding that I was impressed with anything in store. But when I asked about having an unlocked phone, it seemed to go south. Has anybody had any issues with this and how were they solved? Also, when Q30 comes out, I will be going with it as I'm not keen on touch screens anymore. Hope everyone is having a great day an look forward to any replies.

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    06-27-14 10:12 AM
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    VZW is particular, just as Sprint is too. The IMEI has to be in their database for the device to work on their system - even though the BB10 series of devices have a sim card, just like T-Mobile/ATT and the MVNO's, they have different internal radios to communicate with the towers.
    The unlocked you are refering to is the sim card slot - I have taken a T-Mobile Sim and installed it in a VZW z10 and only get EDGE service - the 100-4 only has the quadband radios that pick up US signals and IIRC international 3G, but, RAINO is our outstanding radio frequency GENIUS.
    If i took my VZW 4G SIM and put it in a SIM SLOT UNLOCKED (emphasis only, not yelling) at+t or T-Mobile 100-3 z10, the radios would find the towers and possibly signal, but the non-verizon devices IMEI is not in VZW data base, therefore, it will not connect.

    Hope this helps more than it confuses......

    The long and short of it is, you need a VZW approved device to work on VZW - 99% of them have the VZW logo, aside from the NEXUS, IIRC
    06-27-14 10:29 AM

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