1. andysu065's Avatar
    Will the Blackberry bold 9700 work with any t-mobile sim card If I buy it from T-mobile without contract ? or I have to unlock it ? Now I'm using T-mobile Even More Plus (no contract plan and no web too)
    Thanks !
    11-16-09 11:37 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Unlocking simply allows you to use the phone on a different carrier than the one it is branded to. If you plan to use a T-Mobile phone on T-Mobile, there is no benefit from unlocking it. If you plan to purchase a phone from T-Mobile and use it on AT&T, for example, then you will have to unlock it.
    11-16-09 11:40 PM
  3. Arreat's Avatar
    As long as it's on T-Mobile US you won't need to unlock it.
    11-16-09 11:41 PM
  4. andysu065's Avatar
    Now I can order it. Thank you for your helps !
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    11-17-09 12:04 AM