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    I will be in the UK for two months and would like to get a SIM card to use in my unlocked Bold 9000. Data is the most important to me; I won't use more than a few hundred texts or minutes per month. International calling/text would be a nice bonus but isn't necessary.

    Looking at older threads, it sounds like it used to be difficult to get a BB data plan without a long contract, but that this has been changing and networks other than Orange offer it. I've found plans of the 30-day "pay monthly" variety with T-mobile and Vodafone that look perfect, for example.

    1. The snag: I'm from the US and have no UK credit or banking history, although my US credit is excellent. Will that restrict me to "pay as you go" plans? If so, what networks do you recommend?

    2. How readily available are SIM cards of both the monthly and PAYG varieties? Should I expect to be able to buy at least a PAYG SIM at the airport?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
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    06-17-10 03:11 AM
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    I know Orange UK support BB Data plan on Pay as You Go, and charge a 5 monthly fee for the service. I am not sure if T-Mobile currenlty offer the same thing, but Vodafone & 02 do not offer pay as you go. So I think your best bet would be Orange UK. As for the availability, I am not sure, I wouldn't have thought they would be too hard to get.
    06-20-10 12:25 PM
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    Belatedly, Orange is working out perfectly for me. Thanks.
    07-14-10 05:11 AM