1. drgyrl83's Avatar
    Ok so my phone calls and text is not affected but i cant even get on blackberry app world to download bbm again. I havent been able to log into yahoo messenger, bbm, or surf the net this is freaking crazy! I am on the sprint network...any body have any answers?
    12-23-09 01:37 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Pull your battery and let the device reset... See what happens then...
    12-23-09 01:38 PM
  3. DUKDIKz's Avatar
    i think its juz your phone
    12-23-09 02:10 PM
  4. dicecube's Avatar
    Mine works

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    12-23-09 02:40 PM
  5. TEXMARVIN's Avatar
    Working here in TX with TMobile
    12-23-09 05:40 PM
  6. thosialg08's Avatar
    works here in stl
    12-23-09 05:42 PM
  7. phreddyl's Avatar
    No issues here in CT
    12-23-09 05:47 PM
  8. goterdid's Avatar
    well mine worked good all day. the last hour bbm was gettin slower and slower. now you can send a message and it might go through in ten mins. this is how it started for me yesterday too, so i dont know.
    12-23-09 06:03 PM