1. Mr. Solo Dolo's Avatar
    When do we expect to see the Tour 2 on U.S. Cellular (or Verizon for that matter)? When it comes out for Verizon that will give a general idea on when to expect it. Does anyone have any inside info that they would be willing to share?
    12-05-09 05:33 PM
  2. jabrown789's Avatar
    I have not heard anything regarding the Tour 2 coming to USCC but that doesn't mean it's not coming. The only phone I know of that's in the pipe is the 8530 and that one was a surprise--we didn't hear about it until it was out of testing. We've heard rumors of Android devices some time next year but the time frame changes depending on who is giving the information.
    12-06-09 09:54 PM
  3. kmstampe4's Avatar
    USC got the 8530 a few days ago. Would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to upgrade my 8330 to the new Tour2!

    Any new word/rumors on this happening?
    12-13-09 04:45 PM
  4. m0nta's Avatar
    word according to SAL ------>Release date for the Tour 2 (9650)... Between December 20th - January 15th - That is just an estimate, but its looking good!
    12-13-09 08:58 PM