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    Ok, I'm In Kuwait on Zain telecom's BIS. I have been a customer with them the past 6 months or so. No major problems for most of my time here. switched to Bold 9700 two months ago from a curve 8900 and a bold 9000 before that.

    Now the interesting thing is, I've had problems with my BIS service (currently showing as "not connected" under "Service Status") for almost 18 hours now. two months without any problems, and then BAM! service is knocked out. I wasn't getting any delivery notifications on BBM, so i thought i wasn't connected for some reason. but then my girlfriend (who is on another carrier) called me and asked if i was getting her messages. when i said "no", she said "that's funny... because i'm getting yours..." which was even weirder still! because my phone wasn't letting me know if my messages were getting to her (with that tiny "d" and "r" you usually get next to the ticked arrow?).

    anyhow... so i decided to resend service books etc to see if that would rectify the problem.. only problem is... i get a message saying "your handheld has been registered with the wireless network", but then it's not! because i can't get on the browser, i don't receive emails from any of my four email inboxes, and to add insult to injury... i don't even have the BBM icon on my phone anymore!!

    even more interesting, however, is the fact that when i take my sim card out of the 9700 and place it in either the 8900 or the 9000... i get BIS up and running in no time! which made me wonder if this was a problem related to my 9700... but when i get tech at my telecom provider, the guy i spoke to swore that his 9700 had been acting funny since last night and finally disconnected from BIS this morning also!

    so... i wonder... does RIM move country to country (for the planned outages) by blocking by telephone number? or by pin numbers specific to countries? or by model numbers?

    I'm really confused, and really need my BIS working on my 9700 before i go on a business trip in 2 days' time. (although i will pick my 9000 up in a heartbeat again)
    01-17-10 03:22 PM
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    Well, what you describe is NOT a BIS outage, it is a defective device. I would return the device and have it replaced.
    01-17-10 03:35 PM