1. chamomiami's Avatar
    Hi there, i try twice already calling tmobile to have the full upgrade discount price on the 9700, they told me i have to wait untill next MAY, but i read a lot in here ppl is getting early upgrade disc.....

    its posible that every time i call.. and the CS rep open my acc.. they can see something like a record of all my calls to tmobile, or a partial one..?

    Cuz ppl here try one two tree times and at the end get some resolve.. when i call.. im just saying "hi im calling to see if its any way posible to have an upgrad... NO ITS NOT, may i help in something also" so based in what they are telling me not like that?
    11-18-09 08:28 PM
  2. xTemptati0n's Avatar
    There is a history of all calls.
    11-19-09 10:28 AM