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    im about to order one on ebay so i can use on my iPhone 4 since i ended up cutting my tmobile sim and it didnt work.

    How do i go about switching and putting my number on the new sim? going to the tmobile store? calling?
    09-10-10 09:45 PM
  2. NorrisCell's Avatar
    If you haven't ordered it yet, Unlock Cellular has a specific tool to cut existing SIM cards. Comes with two free micro to mini adapters as well. Link below.

    If you don't see a need for the cutter, once you have the new SIM, just call customer care or stop in to a retail store and they can activate it for you.

    unlockcellular.com :
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    09-11-10 02:20 AM
  3. oibm's Avatar
    Give Costumer Service a call. Let them know that your old SIM is no longer working and have the new one available as they are going to ask for the sequence of numbers printed on the back side of the new SIM. Once they get this data the new SIM card will be activated and fully functional.

    Good Luck,
    09-11-10 02:21 AM
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    thanks guys
    09-11-10 01:58 PM