1. Ami.'s Avatar
    First, let me reiterate I'm not really dissatisfied with the service I received.

    I saw that T-Mobile's Visual Voicemail feature was up and running, so I decided to go online and add it to my account. I have a pending change to my account, so I wasn't able to add the feature in. I decided to use the Live Help chat, because I've used it previously and had success with getting help very quickly.

    Today, I waited a half hour.

    Now, I'm not upset, because I minimized the window I was in and knew from previous experience it would pop up once someone was available.

    My question is this: Why the difference in wait time? As mentioned twice, I have used it before and had help within 5-10 minutes. What is a typical wait time that customers should expect?

    ETA: I was just notified that I had to download a third-party app from BlackBerry App World in order for Visual Voicemail to work with my 8900. I find this concerning, considering it should be available as a serivce that they claim they offer for BlackBerry.......

    I'm attaching two screen shots, so you can see my wait and the conversation...

    Any help from the TMO reps would be appreciated. Thanks-
    11-16-09 10:24 AM
  2. KingGrimlock's Avatar
    i don't know if this helps, but i've used live chat 7 times and have waited around 30 minutes for each one. it doesn't bother me since i'm at work and i'm doing other stuff while i'm waiting.
    11-16-09 11:15 AM
  3. th3blinded's Avatar
    I'm not a t-mobile rep, but i can tell you that at first they tried to send me over to app world to download the youmail 3rd party app for the phone. Visual Voicemail is included in the new 5.0 as a native app. I make the choice to use the beta/leaked software so i was able to get this app early. I don't know when they are rolling out 5.0 for the 8900's but i chose not to wait. When they roll it out officially you will be able to download it and have VVM already on the phone. You will just need to have it added on to your account.
    11-16-09 11:55 AM