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    You can still use these plans with new BlackBerry phones, but there is a caveat. AT&T is not making new versions of these plans to support LTE-class phones, so if you find that you can't access cellular data after getting a new phone, there is a solution that doesn't require forfeiture of your expired plan.

    You have to find somebody in support who knows how to change the provisioned APNs for your service without making any changes in the billing system. This may need to be done with some frequency, due to automatic auditing of devices in use on the network. To explain, if you're using an LTE phone, but the billing system thinks you have a BlackBerry Torch, the system will likely break your APNs in trying to correct the provisioning. It's not malicious. Remember the saying about attributing things to malice.

    Basically, old BlackBerry phones use two APNs on AT&T. PDPWAP1 for general cellular data, and BLACKBERRY.NET for anything going through BlackBerry. Problem is, newer phones chucked all of that. New BlackBerry phones need PHONE and NXTGENPHONE. Support has to edit the old APNs and swap them over to the new ones. Hard part is finding somebody who knows what to do. This won't give you access to LTE services, just HSPA+ and below, but all LTE really does for me is burn down my battery if I forget to put my Z10 in airplane mode. I suppose the best way to describe the issue to someone is to say "My plan doesn't work with new phones, and I need my APNs changed to the ones that work with new phones. PDPWAP1 has to be changed to PHONE, and BLACKBERRY.NET has to be changed to NXTGENPHONE."

    APN info: APN Descriptions and Characteristics | AT&T Developer
    03-31-16 06:02 PM
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    If it's important enough to institute automatic auditing, aren't reps going to be trained to not make the changes that go against the automatic correction?
    03-31-16 07:12 PM
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    I can't think of a response that doesn't violate my NDA. I suppose that it's not deemed to be worth the effort to set up new versions of features that a small percentage of yet another small percentage of users have.
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    04-01-16 01:34 AM
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    So, just to be clear... is this a different plan from the regular old unlimited data plan - like the $30 grandfathered plan I'm still on now?

    There was never anything "international" about my plan, so I just want to be sure.

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    04-01-16 09:08 AM
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    Yeah, it was around $70 or so, and gave you unlimited data in the US, and also overseas. Goes without saying that people want to keep it forever. Since a relatively large amount of people have the basic unlimited smartphone plans, updating those for new phones is not seen as quite so much of a burden.
    04-01-16 03:34 PM
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    The only way to keep an old grandfathered unlimited plan that I know of is that when the two years is up, you cant make a change to your plan. You can renew it if the core plan stays the same. So besides the nitty gritty thats been posted. INSIST YOUR PLAN STAYS THE SAME! Make it crystal clear.
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    04-06-16 09:08 AM
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    Your contract is just part of your agreement to get a discounted phone in exchange for maintaining service, and doesn't prevent you from changing anything on your line. Still, if you have a feature that you put to good use with some regularity, and no currently-available options match or beat it, then you can hold onto your old plan. But the reason why I made this thread is because of a very specific issue, as unlimited INTERNATIONAL data features don't get updated versions for newer types of phones, while plain old unlimited smartphone data features do.
    04-06-16 11:17 AM
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    There is an LTE version of this plan which I have had for over 18 months. It shows up as Data Unlimited for Blackberry 4G LTE with Visual Voicemail. They allow you to switch over assuming you've have the older 3G plan on there. The working APN with it is phone and LTE works just fine both in the US and in countries that have it.
    07-21-16 06:11 AM
  9. sethr's Avatar
    There is an LTE version of this plan which I have had for over 18 months. It shows up as Data Unlimited for Blackberry 4G LTE with Visual Voicemail. They allow you to switch over assuming you've have the older 3G plan on there. The working APN with it is phone and LTE works just fine both in the US and in countries that have it.
    That's exactly how my PPT plan reads on my bill. My APNs only show PHONE. NXTGENPHONE i.s nowhere in my settings. But I get LTE showing by the antenna

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    08-11-16 08:56 AM
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    I'm eager to know all the APN settings to connect via LTE for an unlocked Android phone with an AT&T SIM supporting the "Blackberry International Data Plan". Settings including Name, APN, Proxy, Port, MMSC, MMS proxy, MMS port, MCC, MNC, APN type, AON protocol. Can you reply with these?
    09-08-16 03:42 PM
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    Crackberry's link parsing system is full of ads and cancer. Look up KM1062162 on the AT&T site for the page with the most recent APN settings, though older plans may provision older APNs, like PDPWAP1 instead of the newer PHONE or something.

    The hard part is finding anyone in support who knows how to change your APNs in the network switch without changing your actual data feature, since the old plans pretty much force Blackberry.net, which even new BBs don't use. Might be able to change directly to a "generic" smartphone version of the unlimited international data feature. Should be the same price, and any support representative should be able to do it. As always, the hardest thing about all of this is finding someone who has enough experience to do it without wrecking everything. Like finding yourself in a TV show hospital, and hoping that one of the main characters treats you, instead of an extra.

    The billing system has been getting a little overzealous in forcibly updating IMEI numbers automatically, which causes feature changes in many cases.

    Here are some AT&T-friendly dummy IMEIs to use with unlocked BlackBerry phones from wherever.

    BlackBerry Bold 9700 (HSPA)

    BlackBerry Torch 9860 (HSPA+)

    BlackBerry Q10 (LTE)

    BlackBerry Z10 (LTE)

    I don't yet have any IMEIs for WiFi calling capable phones like the Galaxy S7, but I'll try to keep my eyes peeled.
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    09-11-16 01:18 AM
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    I used to have the unlimited plan but I gave it up some years back. Could this error still have an effect on current devices? I have been fighting with AT&T for 10+ years because of calling issues that have kept with us despite our having 22+ different phones between the four of us! I am trying to find a cure since AT&T has no idea and no interest in finding out how to fix ANY of the problems!

    Just my $.02, YMMV ! ;-) sent via my Q10
    10-12-16 09:52 AM

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