1. shadowhywind's Avatar
    So I have had my curve 8310 for about a year and a half now, and I must admit its the best phone that I have had. However its starting to become a bit 'outdated', aka the memory is way to small for what I want to do, and its becoming a bit slow, and I would love to have 3g. That and with At&t's 50% off sale I thought now might be a nice time to get an upgrade. My question is this, are there any rumors of any new 3g blackberries coming to At&t in the near future. (hoping for the storm 2)? I still have a few months left before I can 'officially' upgrade, but I don't see why I can't call them up and see if they can't do an early upgrade. So should I just wait for a few months, or go and pick up the bold 9700? Any help would be great!
    12-07-09 12:47 PM
  2. Californium89's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry about a new berry coming to att anytime soon that is better then the 9700 coming out within a year or so but that could always change

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    12-07-09 01:36 PM
  3. soccernamlak's Avatar
    The thing I've learned about electronics is this: if you wait for the next new thing to come out, you'll be waiting the rest of your life. There's always going to be something new and better. In this case, since the 9700 just came out, I'll echo Californium and say that AT&T probably won't have anything to beat the new Bold for at least half a year, if not a full year.
    12-07-09 02:27 PM
  4. jin15's Avatar
    i say go with the 9700, its a great phone and i'm just waiting for my contract to end so I can get that phone too
    12-10-09 07:15 PM