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    I've read many posts from dissatisfied buyers who attempted to purchase AT&T codes but only received excuses like "the server is down" and waited weeks if not months only never to get a code and have to start a paypal dispute to get their money back. others seemed to get multiple codes that didn't work, but used up all their unlock attempts so I decided to do some research and found out that in October.,AT&T began ONLY giving unlock codes to actual customers. this was apparently an attempt to put the "unlockers'' out of business. Now I know this cant be entirely true, because there are plenty happy unlocked customers out there, but there are many more who never got a code, and many never got a refund either.

    So my question is: is there any way to reliably get my AT&T Q10 unlocked (not by AT&T), or Am I wasting my time & money even trying to get it unlocked? If you have successfully unlocked an AT&T Q10 in the last couple of months please let me know who you used and what your experience was. I really need to unlock this phone or I'l have to sell it to someone that's on AT&T.

    Any "unockers" out there please feel free to chime in and shed some light on the situation. If anyone knows anything it's you guys. But please, i'm not interested in purchasing services that have no way of delivering a code. that's just a waste of everybody's time and money

    thanks amnesia
    01-03-14 01:16 AM
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    i've had experience in unlocking blackberrys and at&t. what i'll tell is that, depending how you bought the phone, you're not entitled to unlock your phone until you've fulfilled you're contract. now that's if you bought the phone on a 2yr contract. if you bought it outright, i believe AT&T sells their phones locked to their network (Verizon sells unlocked phones, sold outright or not if i'm not mistaken) and you'll have to call them to get that code because you're not on contract for the phone, in other words it wasn't subsidized just bought it outright and you're on AT&T.

    Now besides the fact that AT&T has been difficult to work with as far as giving unlock codes to people who even bought their phones outright OR bought their phones outright from another provider. They'd tell you to get the code from the provider you got it from and the provider will tell you to call AT&T. I've heard plenty of horror stories. Besides all that.... you know that unlocking is now illegal in the U.S. right? It may not be a big deal to us, it certainly isn't for me- I'll tell you right now I had my own way of unlocking my Z10 on AT&T because I feel AT&T should give me the code but I asked and they said I should wait 2 years... yeah after I'm already looking at the Z100. But yeah, providers in the states are cracking down on that stuff over newly instated laws regarding unlocking phones.

    Oh yeah, I used the team at BlackBerryOS to unlock my phone. i just tried going on their website and that section of their site is not loading. Must be about those laws i'm telling you about. Must be harder to find reputable sources to get your unlock code from besides providers. But like i said, AT&T has those rules in place and they're firm about it. But you have leverage if you bought your phone outright. Hope this helps.
    01-03-14 01:37 AM

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