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    after a while of searching on cb for a way to block specific numbers and spammers without the use of the blackberry firewall that blocks ALL sms messages, i stumbled upon this page from sprint.

    Support - Article

    for those of you on wap or dont wanna click, basically (most are self explanatory):

    text to 9999 (Sprint only)
    block <4-10 digit number>
    block <user@domain> or <@domain>
    block email --> blocks all email texts

    allow <4-10 digit number>
    allow <user@domain> or <@domain>

    spam <4-10 digit number> --> this reports the number as spam and also blocks the number you text
    spam <user@domain>

    list --> to see what numbers have been blocked per your request
    allow all --> allows all phone numbers to text you
    allow email --> allows all email addresses to text you

    take advantage of it!
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    01-14-10 02:44 PM
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    thanks for this info in case some people dont know i recently started using the block text features alot so this helps to alot of other ppl i know these by memory alraedy
    01-14-10 03:33 PM
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    Thanks for the info!

    I've used Sprint's webpage's text block feature when someone unknown to me (a number I didn't recognize) started texting me profane things (SERIOUSLY profane). Worked like a charm, no issues.
    01-14-10 03:41 PM