12-04-09 09:49 AM
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  1. krid80's Avatar
    I suppose contacting sprint got you guys no where?

    Guess I will be looking into third party apps.
    12-04-09 08:54 AM
  2. githalantas's Avatar
    Guys its not going to change. Starting in i think Q2 of 2010 all of our phones will have the PAM option completly removed.
    12-04-09 09:01 AM
  3. ttfmaep's Avatar
    I think Sprint is doing the right thing. The proportion of smart phone users to non-smart phone users is growing. If all sprint smart phone users had the capability of tethering, some people are going to take advantage of that, maybe even to the point of dropping their ISP at home. Imagine what that does to Sprint's network (and to your smart phone data speed), and they're not collecting any more money to support this. Now if people buy the air card and pay the monthly charge for that, that does give Sprint some money to support this service.
    12-04-09 09:49 AM
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