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    We've all seen the commercials "Theres a map for that" and how Verizon sent the Iphone to the toy dungeon. We've all seen how AT&T thinks they can hide the truth by suing, and the article that shows "The Truth Hurts" showing Verizon didnt lie in its claims. Well today put the nail in the coffin...

    AT&T recently filed a lawsuit and request for a temporary restraining order that would require us to pull these ads immediately. Today, a judge denied AT&T’s request for a restraining order and ruled that AT&T’s case is “unlikely to prevail.”

    Even the judge is telling AT&T to grow up, and face the fact that its network coverage sucks... lol Why does AT&T keep this up, it just gives more publicity towards the fact that is has less 3G coverage than Verizon, even less 3G coverage than Sprint (Which is sad..)

    AT&T Got PWNED!

    Text from BGR.com

    Earlier today in Atlanta, Judge Timothy Batten, Sr. ruled against AT&T in its hunt for an injunction against Verizon’s “There’s A Map for That” ad campaign. While AT&T argued that the maps in the commercial were grossly misleading, Judge Batten felt that although”sneaky”, the fact that the ads could be “misunderstand” by the layperson doesn’t mean that they were “misleading.” The case isn’t completely closed, however, as AT&T has been granted a hearing on December 16th in which it’s lawyers will argue for the judgement to be repealed. In the meantime, AT&T has launched a rather feisty ad campaign of its own called “The Truth About 3G”. The ad campaign kicked off tonight with a TV spot starring Luke Wilson who espouses the advantages offered by AT&T: speed, the best smartphone selection, simultaneous voice and data and the over 100,000 applications.
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    Has anyone actually downloaded the court documents? They're lengthy, but portions are VERY funny, especially Verizon's response to the claim.

    It's amazing how much those lawyers were paid, to analyze the commercials and to put it into legal terms. I want THAT job
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    Or "smart@$$" for the people like me who can't get to the external links while at work (And PS only 1 of those 5 links was what I wrote about ) can read the news as well. So why dont you worry about your own threads Nice try padding the example threads list with stuff that wasn't what I posted though.
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    All of those links are on the Verizon main page on crackberry.

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