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    AP Exclusive: Network flaw causes scary Web error - Yahoo! News

    Has something like this ever happened to anyone?

    After typing Facebook.com into her Nokia smart phone, she was taken into the site without being asked for her user name or password. She was in an account that didn't look like hers. She had fewer friend requests than she remembered. Then she found a picture of the page's owner.

    "He's white I'm not," she said with a laugh.

    Sawyer logged off and asked her sister, Mari, 31, her partner in a dessert catering company, and their mother, Fran, 57, to see whether they had the same problem on their phones.

    Mari landed inside another woman's page.

    Fran's phone which had never been used to access Facebook before took her inside yet another stranger's page, one belonging to a young woman from Indiana. They sent an e-mail to one of their own accounts to prove it.

    They were dumbfounded.

    "I thought it was the phone `Maybe this phone is just weird and does magical, horrible things and I have to get rid of it,'" said Candace Sawyer.

    The women, who live together in East Point, Ga., outside Atlanta, had recently upgraded to the same model of phone and all used the same carrier, AT&T.

    Sawyer contacted The Associated Press after reporting the problem to Facebook and AT&T.

    The problem wasn't in the phones. It was a flaw in the infrastructure connecting the phones to the Internet.

    That illuminates a grave problem.
    Nokia smart phones, I'm guessing E71x or Surge? That's all AT&T offers from the Nokia line up right?

    The whole article is a pretty good read, and it doesn't appear widespread, but dang AT&T...
    01-16-10 05:19 PM