1. pgrudo01's Avatar
    anyone else having issues?

    I cannot get the Theme World, Facebook, or UberTwitter to refresh.
    01-11-10 07:59 AM
  2. rliebert's Avatar
    No problems here in Dallas.
    01-11-10 08:34 AM
  3. StratFan's Avatar
    No issues in the DC area today, but my coverage for voice and data has been horrible for the past week. I have been experiencing voice and/or data outages every other day for a week now. When I contact customer support, they usually trot out the line of towers going down, or being serviced. I finally got a responsive CSR on Saturday that at least credited me $40 for a total of 8 days of outage in a billing cycle.
    01-11-10 11:30 AM
  4. whitebear's Avatar
    I just started getting inundated at about 11:36 CDT with several hundred e-mail messages from as long ago as May 6, 2009! Mostly spam. I'm using Yahoo e-mail. The messages already exist in my on-line Yahoo mailbox.

    I'm in the Tulsa, OK area.

    01-11-10 12:27 PM
  5. jwarnoc's Avatar
    Yahoo stopped working for me this afternoon. I'm on Verizon so it's not just AT&T. My Gmail works well, so I'm wondering if it's a Yahoo issue again.
    01-11-10 12:53 PM
  6. ecfinn's Avatar
    I'm having yahoo issues as well. Got an email at 2:11 and its not made it to my VZW Tour yet.
    01-11-10 01:33 PM
  7. masterlin1's Avatar
    I'm on AT&T.

    Everything is working fine except for BBM.

    For some reason, the messages I'm sending out through BBM take 4-5 minutes to be delivered.
    01-14-10 12:26 PM
  8. jojo212's Avatar
    I have been having email, bbm sending issues since last weeks also. I get the red clock logo for a min or two. Lately i have been having receiving issues also. I changed to my older bb and same issue. Even changed to a new sim card. No fix.
    01-17-10 10:11 AM
  9. sedalia066's Avatar
    No problem noted I northern DE. Not using bbm but all else seems about as usual.

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    01-17-10 10:20 AM
  10. dictoresno's Avatar
    my BBM came to a grinding halt about an hour ago, cant log into BIS via phone, FB does refresh but internet is slow and i dont even know if it will connect.
    01-17-10 11:13 AM
  11. Chaldo's Avatar
    Everything is working fine here in Detroit.
    01-17-10 11:19 AM
  12. dictoresno's Avatar
    BBMs are going through, but delivery/read reports arent. also, service book updates are taking forever, if going through at all.
    01-17-10 11:36 AM
  13. asuprice's Avatar
    Problems here in Charlotte, NC. BBM not showing read or delivered. No data seems to be working
    01-17-10 11:41 AM
  14. fisherman1234's Avatar
    Im having issues and Im in NY
    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-17-10 12:00 PM
  15. vbev84's Avatar
    out in western NY
    01-17-10 12:25 PM
  16. dominogirl's Avatar
    I have an iPhone, not a Blackberry. Friday night I kept getting "Cannot connect to cellular data network" when I tried to get on the internet and yesterday I only had "Edge" and not 3G coverage, the first time that's happened since I got my iPhone in November. I called AT&T and they reset my network (I guess, I am totally technology-stupid) and it went back to 3G. I had to call later because I couldn't get on the internet and was told to turn my Wi-Fi off. I was able to get on the internet in my mom's room but not in my own room!!! I haven't turned my phone on today because I've been real busy mopping up water in the basement and am really afraid of what new problems I'm going to be having with the phone. Do you think it could be because people are calling/texting/twittering to Haiti to check on the status of possibly-dead loved ones and it's causing the network to crash? Just a thought......
    01-17-10 12:36 PM
  17. kes601's Avatar
    I'm on Vz, but seem to be having problems now. No data at all. Just started.

    Are we seeing outage #3 within the last month?
    01-17-10 12:40 PM
  18. kingjagg's Avatar
    down in DC area too TMobile.
    01-17-10 12:49 PM
  19. StratFan's Avatar
    I have been going back and forth with ATT in the DC area for a couple weeks now. I have been having intermittent voice and data issues for a while. I get loads of dropped calls, intermittent text failures, etc. Data seems unaffected, other than a noticeable slow down.
    01-18-10 08:38 PM