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    So, I've been planning for the past week to jump ship from Android and my Note 3 back to a BlackBerry phone, namely the Q10. My last BlackBerry was a 9900 and I miss that lovely keyboard and the focus on communication that is lacking in Android. Fortunately, my soonest ability to "Jump!" is on the 9th of this month.

    However, last night I became concerned (maybe a little overly so) when I read the news about BlackBerry dumping T-Mobile. I know a lot can happen in a week, so I wanted to make sure I got a Q10 financed with them before their inventory goes out. So, I called T-Mobile earlier today and had a pleasant talk with the rep. As nice as she was, there were a couple of things she said that I believe displayed her and possibly other reps ignorance of BlackBerry devices.

    First, she told me that they had a quick meeting about the recent news and that things weren't exactly happening right then, but to expect things to happen soon, whatever that meant. When the concern came up in the meeting about people like me who are looking for a BlackBerry but are not able to get one, she was told that they will try to find them a phone that is as similar to a BlackBerry as they can.

    Now, I haven't used a BB10 device yet, but I've seen plenty of video demos and feel I can safely say there is no other experience like it. Sure, there are things on other phones that are similar, but it's piecemeal and only similar, but not the same. For example, Windows phones have similar active displays and the Cover app for Android gives a similar "peek" experience. From what I've seen, I would much prefer what is done on BlackBerry. Oh, and fit those if you who have Android, download Cover. App switching is a pain in that OS and Cover makes it a lot easier.

    Anyway, I digress...

    Second, the lady proceeded to tell me how much they valued my business and that she would hate for me to buy a phone with them that wouldn't work properly after everything is said and done between BlackBerry and T-Mobile. I had to actually inform HER that the BB10 phones don't work the same as the older models since they don't use BIS which is required for BB7 and below devices.

    So, after everything, I'm going to wait until the 9th to finance and trade in my Note 3, hopefully. However, I'm hoping that anyone who is looking to go to T-Mobile with their BB10 device or is looking to upgrade now like I am and ends up talking to a rep can be informed about what they might tell you by reading this. They are a sales company and the things they say might hold truth, but, through ignorance, it can sound worse than it actually is. The truth is this: There is no phone like BB10 phones and they will work on T-Mobile's network after their split is finalized. So, worry not about having a BB with T-Mobile and don't let them persuade you otherwise with possible complications!

    Nifty Food BBM Channel C003262E5
    04-02-14 01:34 PM
  2. southlander's Avatar
    I am sure tmo will take advantage of the situation to move more folks off of BlackBerry. Can't really do much about that.

    04-02-14 01:39 PM
  3. preacher2b's Avatar
    Reports say contract expires April 25, FWIW.

    Posted via CB10
    04-02-14 01:48 PM
  4. xravishx's Avatar
    Ah, good to know.

    Nifty Food BBM Channel C003262E5
    04-02-14 02:23 PM
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    You'll notice in Chen's text to owners that buying a phone from T-Mo's inventory will still require both carrier and builder to support. Just buy what you want -- if it's a branded t-mo phone they must support it.
    04-02-14 06:08 PM

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