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    Hey, I've been a T-Mobile customer for 8 months and I am now really starting to dislike it. I am a blackberry 8900 user, when I first got my phone, I loved it and I could deal with the service. As a few months passed I had my first real issue. A speaker of some sort stopped working in my phone (no one could hear me talk).

    T-Mobile kindly sent me a replacement. Then that replacement had a problem, it stopped receiving service. Now I am on my third phone, I ordered it last Monday, shipping express and it gets here on THIS Tuesday.

    I say fine, at least I have my phone. So I open up the box, put my batter y in, sim card, and memory card in. I boot it up.

    Come to find out, on my newly opened phone my Y and U keys are messed up. I have to honestly press down 3 or 4 times for it to respond, and on top of that. I 've been stuck on GSM for 2 DAYS!!

    Now I am wondering is it a T-Mo issue or a Blackberry 8900 issue. What should I do?

    Thank you.
    12-17-09 04:58 PM
  2. FutureBBUser's Avatar
    well, I just got off the phone with T-MO, apparently my area has an issue. They are resending another replacement for the 8900.
    12-17-09 05:32 PM
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    Sounds like a service issue for the GSM, I suggest pull battery to restart and see how the connection works (remember takes a bit).... but def call tmobile and report the issues when they come in and the shipping issue (especially if you had to pay the 19.99 express ship)....good luck though
    12-22-09 04:48 PM
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    That is not a service issue unless you are in a poor coverage area. The fact that you switched to tmobile means you SHOULD be in a good coverage area or you wouldn't have switched. I agree a battery pull is a great idea
    12-22-09 04:51 PM
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    i have a friend that had problems like you. so what he did was that he asked tmobile for the new 9700 but they wouldnt give it to him. so he called the FCC and they told him what to do and it turn out that tmobile gave him a new 9700 for 8900. i dont know if u wanna go threw all that but hey a new 9700. good luck
    12-22-09 05:02 PM
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    If there is an equiptment issue, they will exchange if its within warranty, which it should be since you just switched. Call in and they can check the warranty, troubleshoot the phone,(maybe issue credit for shipping) and check the coverage.. Just call. its a free call anyways
    12-22-09 05:15 PM
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    A speaker of some sort stopped working in my phone (no one could hear me talk). ... that replacement had a problem, it stopped receiving service. ... my Y and U keys are messed up. I have to honestly press down 3 or 4 times for it to respond
    None of these issues have anything to do with T-Mobile as a carrier and your thread title is inaccurate. This also should have been posted in the 8900 forum.

    The issues you are referring to are either "build issues" with RIM and/or you being very hard on your phones. We don't know you so there is no way of determining here what is the cause. Speaker failures and malfunctions and stuck keys have nothing to do with a carrier. They are phone issues.

    Perhaps you are hard on your phones. Some people here reported chipping of chrome bezels on their 8900s virtually days after getting their devices. I had my 8900 for 6 months and it looked as good when I sold it last week as the day I took it out of the box. Why do some people get beaten up phones? They don't take care of them. The other day I was in a Subway getting lunch and there was a woman eating lunch and literally dripping gunk from her sandwich all over her brand new 9700. I'm sure RIM doesn't design their phones with the idea of having them be grease repellent while you are at Subway. Also, I wonder how that woman's speaker is going to be working now after all that grease got into the phone. Some people are just ambivilent about neglecting their phones.

    If you continue to have trouble with BlackBerrys, perhaps you might want to change to a different phone.
    12-23-09 01:09 PM