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    I was at a wedding over the weekend, had my phone on one of the tables and someone took it. We asked everyone there if anyone had turned it in, etc. and no one had. I didn't suspend my account right away because I wanted to wait a day in case it was found after they cleaned, etc. I found out that someone had taken my phone and had been using it, using data, sending texts to their friends, etc. so I called T-Mobile, told them it was stolen and they suspended my service. I put in my claim with Asurion, said the phone was lost because I didn't want to have to deal with filing a police report, etc. Shortly after I called one of the people the person contacted using my phone and left a voicemail basically saying I had info on the person because they had been using my phone and said I would get the police involved if they didn't return it immediately. A few hours later the venue emailed me saying they had my phone.

    I should be getting the replacement from Asurion tomorrow and will probably have to use it for a week (the wedding was in NYC and I live in LA, the venue is sending it to me), so my questions are:

    1. Do I have to send the replacement back and tell them my original phone was found/returned?
    2. If I use the original/stolen phone, will T-Mobile or Asurion penalize me or do anything? I know it won't be blacklisted because it lacks an ESN but do they monitor this in any way?
    3. Would it be considered unethical to sell the replacement phone, considering I pay monthly and paid a deductible for it? I've read on here that carriers (VZ, namely) have told customers that it's OK to keep the replacement phone if they recover their original phone, while others think it's shady and could get you into trouble.
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    Moving to Tmobile Forum.

    You should call Asurion and tell them what happened and that you now have then phone, WHEN you do have it. They will tell you what to do. Sometimes they let you keep it, sometimes they want it back. Once it's been reported it's tough to get it unreported and thus fully usable again, BUT if they tell you to keep it, you can use it or sell it for parts. But you should call them.
    02-23-10 09:37 PM
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    Yup. Call them and explain the situation. You *May* have to turn in the phone to Assurion but that will be their call.
    02-24-10 10:33 AM
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    Thanks a lot guys I'll let them know as soon as I have it
    02-24-10 11:14 AM
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    My wife lost her Blackberry about a year ago, she said it must have been stolen. Anyway, we bought her a new phone (no insurance on her's), and 5 moths later, while I was cleaning the car, I found the phone tucked between the seat and the center console of the car.
    02-24-10 12:52 PM
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    My Wife's? She "lost" the 8100 and we replaced with the 8220.
    02-24-10 01:35 PM
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    Honesty is the best policy.
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