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    i'm wondering how difficult it is to switch between a blackberry and a feature phone (samsung m520 to be exact) on the everything data 450 plan?

    i can pick a m520 at a good price and was thinking of grabbing it to have a backup phone as right now i onlyhave my blackberry and if i trash it i can't be without a phone for a couple days while i wait for the insurance company.

    i also want to do this because i do some mountain biking in the summer and i dont' want to bring my expensive blackberry with me and risk trashing it.

    i've read it's easy to switch between phones online through my account page on sprints website but i've seen comments about doing it with a blackberry but no one has said why it's more difficult. i know it would be switching between everything data and everything data BB but is it really a hassle to do?

    edit: Answered my own question...if anyone was wondering, you have to call sprint to change the phones over because of BIS but it doesn't cost anything to do and wont' mess up insurance or billing (well shouldn't *crosses fingers*)

    also i'm wondering if by switching back and forth between phones will it mess up my insurance policy on my blackberry?

    thanks guys!
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