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    [First, please don't make this (another) thread about owning a bb and not having the net is like going to live back in a cave.*]

    OK, I upgraded to official v5 and then a couple of days later I couldn't call or be called. I called 611 and they looked into it a little but nothing big was changed. Then the phone became as slow as molasses and burned through battery charges (was physically warm!). Around the same time there was upper case EDGE and I had the net, which was nice (*I just cant' afford/justify the service and get by on wifi and tzones - knowing the internet WAP strings for email, weather, ebay . . . whatever else I needed).

    I downgraded to v4 and the drain problem was solved (but that's a whole other mystery because if I put my sim in another 8900 with v5 it's fine. it's only in my phone that it does this . . . and my uppercase EDGE ports over to the other 8900 too).

    So, here's what I've got. Uppercase EDGE that gives me push blackberry email but no internet to view pages (and no option (in options) for internet - it's either t-mobile or wifi). I still have some of my backdoor tzones access but not to the really neat weather.com app

    I suspect this is an issue of provisioning but asking 611 for that would probably get my uppercase rubbed out.

    Please help me solve this. It's mainly for intellectual curiousity at this point more than getting anything to work properly.

    Succintly, I have:
    upper case EDGE
    but no internet (and no option for it in options)
    but my emails come through bb push directly into my messages
    t-zones backdoor works for yahoo, cnn and weather.com
    but the standalone weather app no longer works
    and if I upgrade to 5 the 8900 becomes a toaster and everything goes slow
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    01-21-10 09:42 AM
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    Just so you know, I'm not with T-Mobile, but I would think as far as provisioning goes, you could check your service books. Also, check to make sure your APN settings weren't wiped out.
    01-21-10 12:26 PM
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    What should I be looking for in the service books and can I change them?

    I've registered a bunch of times.

    01-21-10 12:55 PM
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    are you stating you do not have a browser??? if so, go to options/advanced options/host routing table/blackberry key/select register handheld.
    01-21-10 12:57 PM
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    aer you recieving an error?
    01-21-10 12:59 PM
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    thanks for the advice but I don't see how I can do what you suggest. when I get to HRT, all I see is:
    t-mobile usa [8digits]
    wi-fi [60]
    t-mobile usa [8digits]
    " X20 (that is same as last entry but about twenty more times, only variation is that one of the entries is bolded)

    So I can do: options/advanced options/host routing table

    but I don't see anything that's /blackberry key/select register

    I've of course registered and sent a msg to my bb. if that's what you mean

    i don't get errors per se. I just get uppercase EDGE (and messages over the bb network) but not internet that I can browse with.
    01-21-10 01:09 PM
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    The problem is, if you are missing Service Books, they can only be resent by logging into your BIS account and resending them (assuming you have BIS and not BES, which I'm not experienced). I can tell you that I have heard of people posting service books to do tweaks, such as helping an unlocked Storm work on the at&t network, as it is not supported by at&t. I suppose a similar theory could apply to your situation, although where to find such a thing, I am not certain. Did you check your APN settings? Maybe you can enable a third party browser such as Opera Mini.
    01-21-10 10:36 PM
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    I realized that mostlydo was walking me through registering (confused by 'blackberry key' which I call 'menu'). But, yes, I've registered it countless times and I get the message back that it's been done and is registered.

    Nightfire, I think you're on to something. There must be something missing in the service book and guess I would need to see a working bb to know the difference.

    Bolt for some reason won't work off wifi or edge. Opera works, like the bb browser, only on wifi, nothing on EDGE. Blackberry App World works, for instance, which won't happen if you're not on a data plan.

    I've checked the apn and it was right. even tried voicestream and tmobile. nothing made a difference.
    01-22-10 09:44 AM
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    Can you post a list of your service books?
    01-22-10 11:16 PM