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    I am new to the world of unlocked phones and thought it would be nice to post my step-by-step journey to activating my first unlocked BB on Fido in hopes that the next newbie can read it and feel more at ease while attempting to hook up their first unlocked BB.

    First let me start with my costs. I wanted to replace my iPhone 3GS with a Blackberry and I am in love with Fido’s 2000 minute city plan, 500 MB data plan and VM/call display add on which comes to a total of around $90/month after tax.

    The cost really wasn’t much. I basically got back what I paid for the unlocked Blackberry Curve when I sold my iPhone on ebay. The Blackberry cost me $375 all in and I sold the iPhone for $360.

    FYI: The Fido plan when switching from iPhone to Blackberry does not cost a penny more. You need to make changes, but they cost the same, I’ll explain the plan changes you need to make in a bit.

    Here are the steps you need to take to switch from your iPhone (or other mobile phone) to an unlocked Blackberry on Fido.

    1. Buy the unlocked Blackberry.

    • This phone needs to operate of a SIM card. Any phone that works on a GSM network will work.

    • You need to make sure it is unlocked, or need to unlock it yourself.

    How to see if your BB is unlocked (You may need to do this after step 2, I’m not sure):

    -> On your Blackberry, go to Options – Advanced Options – SIM Card and then type “mepd”without the ” of course. Everything should say “Disabled”. If network says “active” then your phone is still locked. This is an easy fix, just get it unlocked.

    2.Insert the SIM card.

    • Once you do this your phone should work, but that is all. I made the mistake of trying to see if the data would work at this point and wasted a good half hour trying to figure out why only the phone works but the data does not. DATA WILL NOT WORK AT THIS POINT. ONLY THE PHONE WILL WORK!!

    • Don’t worry about data yet, just test to make sure your phone works properly. Make a call, receive a call, test the voicemail, send and receive an SMS message.

    3. Change your Fido plan. This will not cost you any money. Here is my old plan and what I had to change it to in order to get BB data.

    o 2000 City Fido $40 – Stayed the same
    o 500MB data $25 – Change to 500MB BB data $25
    o iPhone add-on pack $15 – Change to regular add on pack $15

    When you change to the regular add-on pack (voicemail, Call display and who called) you will have to redo your voicemail message since it resets when you make the change.

    There was literally no price change!! If you do not change to a Blackberry plan one of two things will happen. 1) You will not be able to use data services, or 2) you will get charged for ALL data you use.

    4. Set up your Blackberry at BlackBerry Internet Service just follow the steps to register your blackberry and set up your email(s).

    5. Test your email(s) by sending and receiving a few.

    6. Test your web browser. If it does not work, then simply do the following:

    • Go to Options – Advanced – TCP – APN and change to internet.fido.ca

    This information was found a great site that helped me. Justin Credible: Fido Blackberry FAQ

    That should be it. You are now ready to use your unlocked BB with Fido. I’ve been using it for a few days now and everything works perfectly. The only thing that doesn’t work is when I receive a new voicemail, I DO get a text message saying there is a new voicemail, but I DON’T get that little icon that shows me that there is a message waiting for me. Small detail that you get used to rather quickly.

    Hope that was helpful.
    01-15-10 12:34 AM