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    Its a long read but worth it....Sprint's customer service...or lack thereof. Still not even an acknowledgment from the company

    Sprint Customer Solutions

    Re: Care #20090730080730 (General Inquiry - General Inquiry)

    To Whom It May Concern,

    On July 29, 2009, shortly after 8pm EST, I stopped into the Corporate Sprint Store (#601), managed by Tracy Russell, located at 254 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua NH 03060. I was referred to the Nashua location earlier in the day by staff from the Hooksett NH repair center because they were unable to resolve the service issue which I've been encountering for several weeks.

    The shocking level (or lack there of) of customer service I experienced, along with the unnecessary intimidation and threatening approach which your Store Manager Tracy Russell gave was remarkably unprofessional and extremely unacceptable. I'm appalled by the behavior displayed by Ms. Russell and the manner in which she treated me and conducted herself as a Sprint representative tasked with management responsibilities.

    During the past couple months I've experienced several ongoing, unresolved issues with the Blackberry 8330m phone. On Tuesday, July 28th, after visiting the Sprint Store at 581 Second Street, Manchester, NH, my 8330m phone was replaced with a refurbished phone. The replacement I was given was slightly different, the Blackberry 8330, which is an older model with different software. Unfortunately, this exchange did not fix the problem I've experienced, thus during the afternoon of Wednesday, July 29th, I stopped into the store located at 101 Quality Dr., Hooksett, N.H., 03106 to inquire if they were able to do anything to resolve the problem. After more than an hour at the Hooksett NH store, which included a phone conversation with Tracy Russell (via speakerphone) checking on the availability of a Blackberry 8330m at the Nashua location, I was told I'd need to travel to Nashua to have my phone switched out (again) for the model I initially had, the Blackberry 8330m.

    Upon arriving at the Nashua store, after explaining the problem to the associate greeting customers at the door, I was referred to the Store Manager, Tracy Russell. I then re-explained the issue I'd been having and also expressed my concern that the Manchester, NH store had not replaced my phone with the same make/model while I was there the prior day. I attempted to discuss with Ms. Russell how the replacement phone did not resolve any of the problems that I'd been experiencing. Further, I explained that because of the functionality differences between the 8330m and 8330, the 8330 model which I'd received as a replacement, no longer allowed me the capability of viewing MMS messages without clicking a link in the MMS message which then re-directed me to the picture. Although I was able to view the photo, this model (8330) didn't allow me to save the file/photo to the phone (but can be done through a computer) which was a significant distinction from the 8330m phone which I had before the exchange.

    Ms. Russell told me that this was "simply not the case" and there wasn't anything she or anyone else could do for me. She proceeded to visually get upset and angrily voiced the 8330 was the same phone as the 8330m and it was impossible that a 'downgraded' phone would have been issued as a replacement. After a continual disagreement regarding the differences between the 8330 and 8330m, I asked Ms. Russell to review the notes on my account because she would clearly see an error had occurred with the phone exchange. She flat-out refused to look at my account or any of the notes that had been documented by other Sprint representatives. Having spoken to many Sprint Reps on the phone and in person at various stores, researching the differences online, I admit I became a bit frustrated. Her unwillingness to review the account notes, which clearly note the variation
    between phones was cause for added frustration. I firmly put my phone
    on the glass desk area between her and me, and while doing so, made a 'thud'
    noise. A moment later she stood up, then proceeded to pick the receiver to the telephone up and threatened: "I'm going to call the police if you don't leave". I asked why, which she responded that I was violent and had threatened her. She then proceeded to also verbally comment "I'm pregnant and don't have to take this from you". Thankfully my partner was with me and witnessed the unprofessional demeanor and behavior she expressed.
    then asked why she was going to call the police. Ms. Russell responded that it was because of the violence and threats. My partner also asked her to identify what violence or threat she was referring to. She mentioned the noise the phone made when it was put down on the counter. At this point, she then put the receiver back in the telephone cradle and sat back down and continued discussing the issues.

    After several more minutes of back and forth discussion, Ms. Russell asked me what I wanted done to fix the issue. I requested the 8330 be replaced with the 8330m or offer an equivalent upgrade that would provide the same functionality that the 8330m offered. She then agreed to replace the 8330 phone with another replacement. I assumed she would make good on her earlier word (during the phone call with the Hooksett store), and would replace it with an 8330m which had already been confirmed was in stock by her earlier in the day. After walking away vehemently with the 8330 phone, she then sat down next to a Technician who was located behind a glass wall.
    A few moments later, she returned to the desk we'd been sitting at and proceeded to (by making a very light toss onto the desk) drop the phone, which made the same 'thud' noise that she earlier claimed was violence or threatening. She proceeded to say "I'm not doing anything for you and am asking you to leave the store now". I inquired why she had changed her mind and she reiterated her earlier statement with no cause, "I'm not doing anything for you and am asking you to leave the store now". My partner then spoke up asking for some clarification why she'd suddenly changed her mind after agreeing to replace the phone, however now is refusing to do so.
    response to him was very curt. She then made mention of "hearing everything we said" while she was sitting with the technician, and also made reference of hearing a comment about her capability of being a store manager.
    she refused to do anything to resolve the problem and again asked my partner and me to leave the store. Consequently, we immediately left the premises.

    After getting back in the car, I immediately called Sprint Customer Service.
    Because Ms. Russell was so persistent there was no such 8330m, I wanted to be absolutely sure I had not made a big mistake during the conversations that I'd had with other Sprint employees. I was relieved when it was confirmed again there was in fact an 8330m and 8330 Blackberry.
    the other reason for the call was to find out what was necessary to discuss the circumstances that had just occurred with Ms. Russell. After referring me to the Sprint website, the Representative inquired about the problem I was having with my Blackberry. Again, I explained everything in detail that was happening with the phone and upon further investigation, confirmed that I had in fact received the wrong Blackberry as a replacement and a new one would be shipped the following day.

    Regardless, whether or not Ms. Russell is/was pregnant, that should not be a factor that affects the outcome or ability to effectively resolve complaints and/or issues with Sprint customers. I'd have thought after 10 years of employment with Sprint, (Ms. Russell was adamant about repeating this several times throughout our conversation) she'd have the training and prudence to handle situations of this nature with a higher level of tact and professionalism. Admittedly, although I was, and still am very frustrated, in NO way did I ever become violent or threatening, verbally or physically, to anyone, including Ms. Russell while I was at the Sprint Store in Nashua.
    Contrary to such, the threat was purveyed by Tracy Russell as an intimidation tactic and/or power play, although uncalled for and highly unnecessary. Because of this experience, it's left me feeling like a second-class citizen and I question my value to Sprint as a customer.

    Given the excessive level of unjust treatment which I experienced at the hands of Tracy Russell, I hope you will contact me personally to discuss this situation. I can be reached on my Sprint Blackberry 8330 (I'm still waiting for a replacement or upgrade)

    I await your timely response to this incident.
    11-27-09 12:54 PM
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    I have a similar experience some years ago...I worked with Executive Services and my issuewas handled quickly and a reasonable solution that I am very happy with.

    You will get a response I am sure. Have you tried to call Executive Services? I think they might be able to assist you without you needing to explain anything at the store level-Your account will have the appropriate notes and everything that the store will happy abide by without more frustration by you.

    Good luck!!!!! The Executive Service Number is 703-433-4401 (they are open 7-5, M-F)
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    11-27-09 01:17 PM
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    Humm... You have two posts, one of which is a huge Sprint flame.

    If this was really the way it went down, sucks for you. I would've let them call the police, explained what happened to the police, and asked for the phone number for the District Manager for the corporate store. I wouldn't have left the store until the DM showed up and she was fired on the spot. There's wonderful technology called voice recorders now-a-days, which could have easily be turned on when things started going south with this lady.

    BUT, the fact that you refuse to mention the "problems" you had with your Curve seems awfully suspicious and could very well be the reason you were not given a replacement until you make a huge stink about it. It's quite a possibility you were given a replacement in the first place just so you'd stop complaining and there were notes in your record not to give you another replacement. Maybe this lady was just doing her job...

    Sorry, but I'm a skeptic...
    11-27-09 02:10 PM
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    What were you problems with the phone? Seems kinda fishy nowhere in your post that you never mentioned them. The only problem you stated in your post was that you had to click a link to view picture mail, and not being able to save them to your phone (which you can).
    11-27-09 03:03 PM
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    Cire I think you hit on the head there. Just like you said have them call the DM and the cops watch the lady get fired if she was being that bad. 8330 amd 8330m picturemail is trivial (Oh noes i have to hit a link and waste 5 more seconds) and never does he say what the original problem that he had. I just suspect this is just a flame sprint post where the the OP is just being overly dramatic.
    11-27-09 03:16 PM
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    I've never dealt with Sprint Customer Service in New Hampshire but I've dealt with them in Maryland and on the phone and have never experienced anything but complete satisfaction. I've been with Sprint since they bought Nextel and in the very early days complete satisfaction took a little while to achieve. For the past few years they seem to have really worked out the bugs in their service and I couldn't be happier. Just curious about something, though. Why does your profile say that your cell carrier is Verizon? My $0.02
    11-27-09 04:52 PM
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    seems fishy and only 2 posts and to rant about sprint.. and story is flawed in many ways just my 2 cents
    11-28-09 10:53 AM
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    The OP's story is full of holes, but it appears that he has resolved the issue on his own. He now has a Storm 2 on VZW.
    11-28-09 12:19 PM
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    I think the OP did the right thing by switching carriers. If you are not happy with the customer service you are provided then leave. OP should have been allowed to just get the replacement phone. For Petes sake look at all the posts on crackberry that go something like this-- "I'm on my 4th Storm 2 and on this one the screen is .001 mm lower on the left side than on the right. I'm taking it back tomorrow!"

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    11-28-09 02:21 PM
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    Tlo07 -----> any other probs with the S2? would you recommend it?
    12-13-09 09:42 PM