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    So I woke up this morning and my phone is sitting at 1x. I try to call my voicemail or any number for that matter, and hear this message: "welcome to the amercan roaming network - to make a collect call, press1". Uhmmmm....what!?!? No data service either. Called sprint and the rep had no clue what was going on. He couldn't xfer me to tech support because I was calling from the phone, as I have no other to call from. I'm gonna have to take a trip to the sprint store but would like to avid this if possible as I'm home sick with the flu. Ugh. I googled this message and saw some people mentioning to reset the MSD, etc...anyone ever been thru this?

    Runnng .238 on sprit tour

    sorry for typos, am on iPod touch

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    11-24-09 11:36 AM
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    By the way, the BB is showing connected to sprint pcs and not roaming.

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    11-24-09 11:39 AM
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    Had the same prob the other day after i switched phone numbers and they just had to go in and reprogram the phone
    11-25-09 02:22 PM
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    Yes, its a programming issue. Happened to me once right when CS lines closed around 1 or 2 am, rep did "something on my account" I went to use my phone right after and I got that, had to wait until the next day to call Sprint and have them fix their mistake
    11-25-09 05:52 PM