1. bbtexcracker's Avatar
    Just got a notification because I have cellular data roaming on my KeyOne. It switched to Band 4 rather than utilize the Airave 2.5 CDMA that I have in home. Phone is also connected to my home WiFi so no real impact, other than the phone is on a marginal -120 signal for voice/texts. Curious why the algorithm is setup like that. When I dial *99 as a test, it will dial out via the Airave.
    03-27-19 12:02 AM
  2. jdcbomb's Avatar
    have you tried the Sprint Magic Box (real name)? it provides full LTE speeds if your home is within range of a cell tower...so it wouldn't have these issues
    04-30-19 07:02 PM
  3. bbtexcracker's Avatar
    Address doesn't qualify.
    05-13-19 06:22 AM
  4. bbtexcracker's Avatar
    and still no response from Sprint.
    05-26-19 08:15 AM

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