1. clafountaine's Avatar
    So I got Sprint to set me up with an Airave for free becuase when I moved my signal went to crap. I set it up and now get 5 full bars almost everywhere in the house.


    When on a phone call, even when I have nearly full service, the phone will switch to the local cell tower, and drop my call just as it would when I didn't have the Airave.

    Secondly, I notice that my signal is constantly jumping from full signal (airave) to 1 to 2 bars (I am assuming the local tower.)

    Is it doing this when it needs to receive data or something like an e-mail or BBM?

    Anyone having similar problems or experences either with the Tour or other BB phones. Anyone find a soultion??

    11-26-09 06:33 AM
  2. joshua.worth's Avatar
    I'm always on roaming when I'm at home and I also experience fluctuations in service bars bouncing up and down I assume I'm roaming onto Verizons network. I need to call them and have em send me on of those airwave things too because I'm getting really tired of this B.S. Lol. Maybe I shouldn't have moved to Mississippi. The coverage Map shows No -EVDO whatsoever in Mississippi but once I got here I quickly realized that there online Coverage map is out of date. In fact I get EVDO everywhere even when roaming onto Verizon. Sometimes when I'm home the and the bars are bouncing up and down it will go down to 1x for no apparent reason.

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    11-26-09 12:01 PM
  3. kclem's Avatar
    I have noticed a significant increase in dropped calls since I upgraded from the Curve to the Tour. I live in a small town pretty much directly 2 miles between (from the east and the west) two Sprint towers. After complaining to Sprint, they recommended I get a Airave for the home. I do have much better luck with phone calls now. However, sometimes downloading pictures or internet use pretty much sucks. The Airave box is not capable of using a "EV" signal, so it will bounce back to the Sprint tower. Once complete, the Tour will reconnect with full strength to the Airave (a 1X signal). I have also had a problem where I can be sitting 15 feet from the Airave, and it just disconnects and puts me back on the tower. The caller complains of me cutting in/out, so I have to redial the call so I can reconnect to the Airave.
    11-26-09 09:04 PM
  4. clafountaine's Avatar
    Awesome idea, but this things needs some refinement! Some awesome potential with this thing esp. because they offer it up for free most of the time. Oh well...What can you do!
    11-26-09 10:53 PM
  5. ragnarokx's Avatar
    if you're having trouble with the airave and signal, try connecting the optional gps antenna thing and put it by a window. this is supposed to help.
    11-27-09 08:37 PM
  6. clafountaine's Avatar
    the GPS is already hooked up. I called Sprint and they logged in and made some adjustments to the unit. We will see if this does anything. I wish I could do the adjusting myself!!
    11-29-09 03:12 AM
  7. Misterb's Avatar
    My Airwave works flawlessly with my Tour and my husband's Centro. No dropped calls and EVDO data. The signal does bounce now and then but it has no effect on calls.
    What do you mean EVDO data? My understanding was that the Airrave only worked for voice and not data? I have one, and I'm only getting voice with it.
    11-29-09 08:50 PM
  8. Misterb's Avatar
    Nope. The Airave supports both voice and data. If you get a decent data signal from your tower it will use that and use the Airave for calls. If you do not the Airave will support your data service, but only 1X (for now-a 3G version is due next year).

    If you are getting no data service while on your Airave something is wrong.
    Yeah, you're right. I was misunderstanding what you meant by EVDO, and was thinking this meant 1XEV. 1X is lame. What a stupid limitation of this device. Here it is connected to someone's broadband internet service, and yet they limit it to dial up speeds. Doesn't make sense. It should be as fast as wifi.
    11-29-09 10:25 PM
  9. Misterb's Avatar
    EVDO and 1XEV are the same thing.
    Well, yeah- but there is 1XEV 1xev and 1x. The Airrave only supports 1x. I'm saying it should support 1XEV, and that's what I mistakenly thought you meant with your first post. I thought I already cleared that up?
    11-29-09 10:56 PM