1. amylouhou's Avatar
    i am new to bbs, well to smartphones in general. and i have been doing my research.
    i have service with verizon, but a friend of mine gave me his old curve. he works for sprint and this was his company phone. i wanted to go through bb to get my new phone unlocked so i can use it with my service, but after giving them my pin number, bb said that the unlocking code wasn't in their system. that i had to bug sprint for the code. now i don't want to do anything that will get my sprint buddy in trouble. so i was wondering when you pay someone to unlock your phone do they uses the same channels in doing so as i would (just calling up sprint and buggin' the heck out of them)?
    thanks for listenin to my ramble.
    11-27-09 04:42 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Sprint and Verizon don't activate each other's phones. You won't be able to use your friend's Sprint phone on Verizon. If he works for Sprint, he should know that.

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    11-27-09 04:45 PM
  3. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    Unlocking doesn't work the same way with CDMA carrier. With CDMA carriers you have to flash phones in order to work with certain carriers, but you ALWAYS want to make sure sure the other carrier will activate that device before proceeding any further.
    11-28-09 11:45 AM