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    I have read in other blogs that some type of AT&T's Old sim cards may be faulty with 3G/2G areas, especially if you live on a boarder with 3G/2G cuts off.
    This sim card might be stuck on 2G when 3G is available and such.

    If you pull your sim card out and have the 71234 in the back of the sim card and have trouble that might be why. That sim card is known to have bad reception on it, and I think the iPhones ship out with those sims.

    The new sim cards have been a 71247 number here is a pick of them.

    After a couple people received these. Their phones locked on 3G with 5 bars in areas it would drop to 2G and they work a lot better now.

    I am just letting people know in case they have 3G/2G selection band issues.

    Anyone know anything else about this? I run a 71247 G sim and mine works good.

    I guess if you want to try to swap the sim card out, go to the AT&T store and tell them that this is the problem, and AT&T told me to swap the sim and check the numbers. AT&T Corp store should swap out for free. Don't forget to mention that you want to carry your old contacts/info from your old sim to your new one. They have a device that does that all.
    11-26-09 04:36 PM