1. j3kk's Avatar
    OK, I'm just curious.

    So I bought an unlocked BB Curve 8300 and I don't have a Data Plan as of right now and I know that AT&T requires a BB Data Plan on all BBs. What will happen to my phone when I turn it on? Will my BB function and have good coverage (I live in a good AT&T covered area) even without a BB Data Plan?

    Also, can AT&T detect what phone I am currently using?
    12-03-09 03:33 PM
  2. beamolite's Avatar
    I don't see why you would have to have a data plan for a phone off contract. Maybe I am wrong.
    12-03-09 03:37 PM
  3. mddolgow's Avatar
    The phone should work once you put your SIM card in it. Without the data plan, you cannot get on the internet or get your email. You may very well not be able to send MMS messages either. But, the basic functions will work. I had my first BB (8700) for 6 months before I added the data plan.
    12-03-09 03:53 PM
  4. climbguy's Avatar
    you can read about this in the regular part of the at&t forum.

    At&t adobted a policy this past fall that all smart phones (including BlackBerry) must be on a data plan. You will probably recieve a text message informing you that at&t added you to the $30/mo BIS plan. It may take a week or so for at&t to dedect your IMEI and make the change.

    Smart Phone users who were using their phones w/o date before the change were grandfathered.

    By default your plan will most likly have pay per use data. So becarful with what programs you install on it because many of them use data to function poperly. Unless you have data blocked, MMS should work fine.
    12-23-09 12:39 AM
  5. virgocrush's Avatar
    I just upgraded to a 9700 and gave my unlocked at&t Curve to my GF. She's loving it even though it doesn't have a data plan and no MMS!

    This will be disappointing news for my GF and she's coming from a Motorola SLVR!
    12-23-09 01:43 AM