08-02-08 02:02 AM
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  1. BBGun's Avatar
    Yes, I am on a tangent about the cost of data. Lol. Robbers.
    If you're that concered about not being able to afford paying Rogers data rates now it's time to make a choice what your priorities are.

    If you can't justify paying the price for a BlackBerry and all the add-ons needs to use it properly, you could also save yourself the whining and get yourself a lower cost phone that doesn't use data.

    Sure you WANT a BlackBerry, but if it's not within your means to own one, maybe you should give it up?
    08-01-08 09:54 PM
  2. m.km's Avatar
    Wow some rep told me today that the BB Bold was catching on fire because it was overheating so much. I call BS.
    08-02-08 02:02 AM
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