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    (Double post...internet acting shoddy, note post below)

    And in addition (so this isn't just worthless space) I really like the service in the Sprint stores. I don't usually have too many questions when I go in, but the reps are always easy-going, honest, and friendly.
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    Oh, that entire ordeal was full of fun. When the first rep I called couldn't answer my question because A.) I couldn't understand her and B.) She couldn't understand my question, I asked to speak to a supervisor and she got scared and started apologizing repeatedly and telling me that she could help me and to just give her more time and asking what she did wrong. ? I was like, "Lady, calm down, I just want to speak to someone in charge." XD

    Got to the supervisor who was pretty stoic to my entire situation, was put on hold and...disconnect. Oh, the beginning of a long 3 days. I don't believe asking for a different rep would have helped with the language barrier thing as that particular call center was apparently placed outside of the US. Somewhere in South America I think.
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    I loved Sprint for many years (2003 - Jan 2009) and have had uber-cheap retention plans and gone back to regular plans just because they're also really cheap too. I still have service until the end of the month and my Palm Pre. I like the Pre but I went to it from a BB. I really don't like it that much - it's very toy like and sparkly but getting down to it just a regular phone. I plan on selling the phone actually. Sprints customer service was always nice to me (screwed up a few times and quite a few CSRs are new/don't know what they're talking about but that's easy enough to get through) but I learned early on to call back after dealing with any CSRs doing plan changes and ask the next rep. to see what they did. If they had to fix something I'd call again to check, etc. I think my biggest and really only two issues with Sprint: signal and phones. Sprint really is picky about what they carry. Sprint's signal also sucks if you're not near a big highway or in a building (those local small SH's really don't count because in Texas they're everywhere).

    I just switched to VZW and I am not happy about paying more but I'm happy with my signal. I've still got my trial period with VZW but unless I really lose the ability to pay for the VZW bill or on my first bill we're slated to go over minutes big time I'll be sticking with VZW.

    I said this in another thread and I'll say it again - Sprint is nice for their plan prices but if VZW would wise up and drop their prices VZW would reign king of the cellphone land (and commercials). I edited out all the following stuff. While funny, was really off topic.
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