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    So tonight, my uncle was interested in getting the 9700 but the data plan was a bit pricey. Then I decided to call up tmo customer service retentions and requested for his line to be discontinued. They asked for a reason why, and I said, "well, we wanted to upgrade but the data plan was a bit pricey so that is why we wanted to cancel." then he was like okay but then I mentioned, "one of my friends was just able to get the 19.99 unlimited blackberry data plan and the 9.99 unlimited family text and was wondering if I could have that added onto my account if I kept the line of service." and he said, "okay sure! we can absolutely do that."

    So, now my uncle is using his new BB with the 19.99 unlimited bb data with 9.99 unlimited family text!

    01-22-10 09:37 PM
  2. BlitzedATL's Avatar

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    01-22-10 09:43 PM
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    if you or any member of your family are AAA (auto club) members you can get an additional 12% discount

    01-22-10 10:46 PM
  4. vanesserstation's Avatar
    Wow that's great news. I'm glad that tmo was able to do that for y'all. That really shows they want to keep customers and keep them happy. Love t-mobile.
    01-23-10 01:09 AM
  5. Myveggies's Avatar
    Was he already paying for blackberry service on an existing line at $19.99? If so, he would have grandfathered it with the upgrade regardless, no need to threaten retentions.

    I have AAA discount at 14%, did they lower it recently?
    01-23-10 03:45 AM
  6. AZN.M3NACE's Avatar
    Nope. He never had the BB data plan on his account. The first represenative from retentions had said he wasn't even able to get it if we decided to keep the line so I decided to call in again and waaaah laah. It worked without a doubt. And when I asked him about the 9.99 family unlimited text, he said he couldn't get it. All he could get was the 19.99 unlimited family text

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    01-23-10 04:40 PM
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    Was your uncles contract still far off? I'd like to try this for my other line on family plan.

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    01-31-10 05:14 AM