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    Anyone recently experience a lag in messages coming through?

    This past Sunday morning I noticed I hadn't received any emails, texts or BBM messages from Saturday night at around 10pm...only calls were coming through. Then Sunday morning at about 8:50am a slew of messages started coming through. I figured maybe there had been an outage or glitch of some sort.

    Now sometime yesterday late afternoon the same thing happened, calls were coming through all evening but no messages - then at about 1:50am when I realized I hadn't received any messages since late afternoon I sent a test email to myself that message came through immediately followed by loads of other SMS/BBM/emails and a duplicate of my test mail.

    Anyone having a similar problem in Northern NJ? We've never had a signal issue in the house but could it possibly be the culprit here as on both occasions the phone was in my house?

    Also, not sure if this is related, about 2 weeks ago I did have one instance where my BF was calling my cell for about an hour while I was at home and the calls were going straight to voicemail so I was unaware he was calling...after he called the house phone I asked him to try it again and after about 5 or so attempts 2 of the calls actually rang the phone but immediately went into voicemail without my even touching the phone. Do I need an now need an airrave at home?

    I'm on OS.175, on PRL 60657, I regularly do battery pulls and keep the memory as free as possible and empty out the browser cache, old messages & event logs in case anyone is wondering.

    Thanks so much for any insight.
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    While at my office I saw mail coming through Outlook and checked my phone to find there were no new messages. Once again I sent a test mail to myself from the BB and that mail came through immediately followed by loads of messages.

    Maybe this is a Sprint regional issue??? My office is at the foot of the GWB.
    11-25-09 10:47 AM
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    No messages means nobody likes you anymore.

    11-25-09 02:08 PM
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    No messages means nobody likes you anymore.


    Oh, "Flyer", if only it were that easy!

    Now, to update my issue, after 3 hours and 1 minute another pile of messages is coming through.

    Since about 4pm the "inbound arrow" has been flashing or on steadily as of there is some sort of data coming in- every so often the outbound arrow appears but the inbound was has been steady....could there be some OTA update going on now?

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