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    The crackberry forums have always been very helpful in the past in sorting out any problems that I experience so hopefully someone will be able to shed a little light on a SMS issue. It is not so much a Blackberry problem, but a general mobile/cell phone problem.

    I am in Jersey Channel Islands with a Blackberry connected to Cable & Wireless Sure network.

    I sms quite heavily, and one of my main contacts is in Belgium, with a phone connected to the Proximus network.

    For many months we have sms back and forth with no problems (about 20 sms per day) Then on Wednesday last week, I sent an SMS, where only half of it was received and then nothing more came through. All SMS after this have not been recieved on the phone in Belgium.

    I can however receive all SMS sent to me from this same person with no problems.

    I have tested it every day since this happened, and my sms always leave my phone with no problems, and I get the 'D' on the tick to show it was delivered, but nothing is ever received on the recipients phone.

    I have spoke to my network on 2 occasions, and they have tested the system which came back all ok, and the test messages they sent were received in Belgium with no problems.

    I can send and receive with no problem, to all other numbers, and the phone in belgium can also receive from all other numbers.

    We have tried to speak to Proximus, but they are being really unhelpful, and saying that there is no problems and they cant do anything.

    But evidently there is a problem!

    Does anyone have any ideas of why this has happened, and any suggestions to what needs to be done to sort it?

    Many Thanks

    Just to add, I have sent an SMS to another proximus number and this worked no problems!
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    Just bumping this thread to see if there is anyone online now that had any ideas!
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