1. gwkiser's Avatar
    For some reason, when I listen to voicemails left for me on my 8110 (OS 4.5.??), they sound like the caller is on drugs.....messages are playing back at about 1/2 to 2/3 normal speed. Really wierd! Both the caller and I are on AT&T network..he is in the DFW metro and I'm in San Antonio. I don't know if the issue is a defective phone on my end or a network issue. Any help with a cure would be appreciated. Thanks.
    01-09-09 09:48 PM
  2. gwkiser's Avatar
    please...any ideas that might be causing this problem....anybody???
    01-13-09 10:13 PM
  3. JonB's Avatar
    While I don't have the direct answer to your issue, here's what I got. Listen to all your messages and write down any important info. Then call into customer care-1-800-331-0500 and ask them to reset your voicemail. This will clear everything in your voicemail box out, and you'll be able to setup the voicemail again as if it was new. This should fix it. Let me know how this goes.
    01-14-09 11:24 AM
  4. Duvi's Avatar
    If you are receiving vms from others like normal, it may not be your device. Is the other user having this issue when leaving vms on other's voicemails?
    01-14-09 11:02 PM
  5. gwkiser's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies guys. DSL was down the last couple of days, so I'm just now getting caught up. I'll be seeing the other user this weekend, so maybe we can test it out, though the problem has now appeared with another AT&T user leaving his voicemail on my number. I'll also call CS on Monday and try the reset idea. Thanks for the help. GK
    01-16-09 10:21 PM
  6. moondog's Avatar
    I am a BES admin, and just have 1 user that reported the same issue. If she calls from a land line to retrieve VM, they sound normal, but when listening from the BB, OS 4.5, (latest supported ATT build) they are s l o w. Anyone have any other ideas? ATT support pointed the fingers at the BB device, which just seems odd if not impossible, but.... anyone?
    02-09-10 02:31 PM