12-05-09 04:29 PM
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  1. berrynetime's Avatar
    I have been with AT&T for the last year in SF and coverage and drop calls have been a major issue. I have the Bold 9000 with the latest AT&T approved OS and service issues has been a serious problem for me. I don't get consistent 3G coverage and I frequently get dropped calls. My gf is on Verizon and I am constantly comparing coverage and signal strength quality and VZW is much better. The fact that I pay $100/month on service, it's a no brainer for me to pay the ETF and sign-up with VZW. The only downside for me is that VZW doesn't have the Bold 9700, but what good is a phone if it doesn't get service? Given my experience with AT&T, it's going to take a lot for me to ever come back. Hope this helps folks that are considering AT&T in the Bay area.
    12-03-09 01:30 PM
  2. Eileen89's Avatar
    Yeah, we've seen the commercials and heard what consumers have to say, but is the service really THAT bad for you guys?
    Consumer reports can see what they like, I have excellent 3G service with AT&T, and that's all I care about.
    12-04-09 03:10 PM
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    Like everything else, it comes down to: location, location & location. I suggest taking advantage of the trial period that the carriers offer to really find out if the service is good or not. Some markets are better than others but you really need to find out for yourself.

    A printed map with advertised coverage is not accurate or representative of what you may actually have for service.
    12-04-09 03:15 PM
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    Coverage is great in CA but honestly its all about location. You should try it for yourself and find out. Ever hear the saying "when one person loves something, they maybe tell 4 people but when they hate it they tell atleast 10 people"? Well the same is true for the internet, people LOVE to complain about EVERYTHING on the internet! I mean just cause Howard Stern or Dog the Bounty Hunter didn't get service doesn't mean you wont. Ever notice everytime someone says "at&t didn't get service" its mostly followed by "verizon does". That could not be more false where I live, which is in the well populated bay area!! I kept my at&t phone even though I had free service with verizon...cause I sold phones for them! Hahaha! But back to point, try it for yourself.

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    I think steveo says it best. Its all about YOUR location. I'm from the Bronx and go to school upstate, I had to switch to AT&T becuase I was on T-Mobile, which was horrible always losing signals and 3G, and I have had no problems since. AT&T is amazing and I can keep my phome when I travel abroad!

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    12-04-09 06:21 PM
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    Only had my 9700 since Wednesday and in my immediate area (Winston Salem, NC) I pretty much have 3G everywhere. I did have Verizon and for some reason the service at my house was horrible. I switched to ATT and I have 5bars of 3G goodness most of the time and most important, no dropped calls at my home.
    12-05-09 04:29 PM
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