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    Hey there,

    I'm a Nova Scotian and I've been looking into getting a blackberry for sometime but haven't gotten the urge to move over yet. This place being the blackberry central, I figure I should ask you guys and gals some questions.

    I have been with Telus for about two years using the LG Chocolate Spin then moved to Koodo for a cheaper plan, and ****ter LG phone. I'm quite picky when it comes to phones because I don't really use it that often. I figure if I get a blackberry maybe I'll be using it more-so for work and email. I receive a lot of emails from work and having everything will just be in one place will be a great help. I don't plan on getting one until after Christmas. (January)

    So here are my questions for you:
    1. Has anyone heard of any rumors of price drops after Christmas? For plans or phones?

    2. I need to find a good fitting phone, and I've had experience with blackberries. My girlfriend has the Curve 8900 and it fits well in my hand and seems to do what I want it to do.
    My roommate has the Bold 9000, but I find it is way too large for comfort. Looking at the new Bold 9700, they have come down in size and may fit nicely. Problem is they cost over $200.
    Finally the Curve 8520 looks very sleek and stylish and more for my taste; but I've been reading that it's a lower end of the blackberry family, and the media buttons on the top don't appeal to me. I don't use my phone for music.
    Now For a 3-year term, which might be the better choice?
    Curve 8520, Curve 8900 or Bold 9700

    3. Now making a change from a cheaper company to a higher end one is obviously going to cost me a bit more. So this question is for the reps. Is there any chance there might be some hidden plans that arn't insanely expensive? I need to find a plan that works well for me, and doesn't have excessive bells and whistles.

    Here's what I use a month now with Koodo:
    200 mins Local calling
    25 mins LD calling
    400 text msgs (mostly to people with BlackBerries anyway, so BBM would suffice.)
    0 Pic msgs
    Caller ID

    The only Data/Voice combo they have online right now is $50.00, and it just seems like way too much for what I need.

    4. And the most asked question is how much data should I get? I'll just be using it for BBM, Gmail, Facebook and Weather notifications. As well as the occasional browsing of TSN.ca or CBC.ca. Is the 500mb a good choice?

    Anyway, i think that's all the questions I have to ask about Blackberries and Rogers. If anyone could give any incite to any question I've asked, that would be awesome.
    12-02-09 12:56 PM