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    I am looking for recent (since Aug 09 and later) experiences of Verizon customers who have traveled to Costa Rica and required wireless service. Specifically, I am looking for information regarding ICE's supposed tourist based pre-paid SIM services -- cost of the SIM, minutes costs, SMS costs, local (in country calling) and calls/SMS to/from the mainland US.

    This will be via a Verizon World Phone (Samsung/Blackberry) and for the most part, really only looking for calling and SMS services unless you have further details to share.

    Finally, if you have alternative knowledge of other third party products, that would be helpful. I am not interested in European based companies or others that provide SIMS with numbers based in Europe. I also know all about unlocking the phones and Verizon's Global Roaming products. Really interested in the best rates to support being in CR for three months -- non-resident, US citizen, moving around different regions staying in hotels, resorts, and with host families.

    12-02-09 08:41 AM