12-03-09 05:36 PM
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    Twins - why would I waste my time reading that? You've been proved wrong already. Stop with the conspiracy.
    Oh, I've been proven wrong based on your say? Based on your track record, your say isn't worth much & your reasoning ability is near that of a deer in the headlights.

    Just because you want to be tracked does not mean all of us want to be tracked. Just because you want to believe stupid things does not mean we all do. Just because you...well, the intelligent folks understand, even if you don't.

    If the technology is there, we should be allowed to easily disable it.

    And - for those of you who doubt - the Snapdragons do not need to be powered on to track - if the battery is in, the GPS is ticking away. On or off, a record of your movement is there. And old RFID technology is trackable without battery power.

    Also - history is littered with both famous people & not so famous people & even some peons who were called conspiracy theorists who were later found to be right, while the name-callers were wrong. Past warnings that the earth was neither flat nor the center of the universe to those sounding alarms in the 1930s about Hitler to the Great Depression to attacks on Pearl Harbor & the World Trade Cemter to Christmas trees not being referred to as such to Tiger Woods not being a wholesome golden boy - some thought they were so correct, while they called others nuts & worse. It is only unlikely until it happens - and those who take their eyes off the ball are destined to get hit square between the eyes with it.

    And for those who think VZW won't let loose of their info? They have already done just that - take a look at the Android/Google deal. Privacy hawks are already well frothed over that.

    I've had carriers get snippy when I disabled e911 on devices - usually tech-support Neanderthals who don't understand the law. Yes, the phone must be sold with it and yes, the carriers must support it and no, the carriers do not have to activate an older device that is incompatible. But yes, it is legal to disable it on your own phone & carriers cannot shut you down for it. And, for liability reasons, it is not a good idea to do it for others or even advise how to do it.

    But again, it doesn't matter - we should have a choice & if more people were made aware of what can be done, they would A) steer clear of GPS telephony devices and/or B) demand the option to easily turn it off.

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    Ok not TOO bad, but keep in mind CB's big brother is watching and he has his mod stick ready.
    12-03-09 05:36 PM
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