1. froggie427's Avatar
    I upgraded my phone on 9/03/08 to a Bb Curve 8320. Now I'm confused about my rebate.

    According to the site, I should be eligible for a $50 rebate. Well, I got my package in today, and it only has a rebate form for purchases made between 8/01/2008 and 8/31/2008 (which would make me eligible for a $100 rebate... which would be GREAT). Since my purchase was made after this, I got on www.tmobilerebates.com and tried to look up my rebate.... And nothing came up for my purchase dates... There should have been one for this month for $50...

    What's up with this? I called in and its all automated, I couldn't even talk to anyone. What should I do?
    09-06-08 03:00 PM
  2. calidiva79's Avatar
    I checked the website just now and there is no rebates for upgrades this month for some reason and there usually always are, but there is a $50 rebate for new activations...

    I made some inquiries and hopefully I'll get something back on it soon, in the mean time you can try getting in contact with customer care...when you call in just hit "0" when its asks for you to input your number and then hit "0" again and it will take you to a rep, its what we do when placing calls for customers in the store
    09-06-08 04:34 PM