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    I am pretty sure it's to late to do anything but I would just like to know if it was fair/right.

    I'm in the Marines and deployed to Afganistan, was going to have my phone suspended for my deployment (no problem their). My wife had her phone stolen before VZN suspended the contract, but insucance covered it. However VZN started saying that they would not suspend my phone until the new phone arrived to my wife. But because I'm a old Alltel customer they couldn't send her the replacement phone without chaning our contract over to VZN. Correct me if I'm wrong when you change your contract aren't you elligable for a upgrade? I thought so. They told her that wasn't what they were doing. He contract is now extend 2 years on VZN plan. My line is now suspended. What I don't know is if she should've been able to upgrade her phone than? She has the orginal storm and thats what they sent her. If they changed the contract shouldn't we have be able to get new phone at the upgrade price? Just trying to make since of it all.

    thank you S/F
    02-15-10 03:54 AM
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    Althought I didnt have a phone stolen, here is the way I did it.

    Alltel is in effect dropping you. So you have the option of going to any service you want. When my last carrier called and told me they were switching to AT&T, I asked them, "why are you dropping me?" I said, "You guys would charge me a fee to drop you and now youre forcing me to use AT&T? I want out of my contract." They said no problem.

    That being said, you shouldnt be under ANY contract and be allowed to get your new phones. You may not be able get the same numbers you had but you wont have them telling you what to do.

    Hope that helps.

    Be safe over there Brother. Been there, done that.
    02-15-10 06:30 AM
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    You will be eligible for an upgrade but not be able to wk free and clear. The fact of the matter is that when Verizon bought Alltel, they agreed to honor any contracts that were in affect. Now if your wife has a Storm1 on an Alltel contract to begin with they are able to change her contract to a Verizon one to make the equipment work. Verizon equipment with a Verizon plan.

    The ONLY reason why you would be allowed to change from Verizon without an early termination fee is if they changed your contract that could materially adversely affect you (for example raising text messaging if you don't have an unlimited package already). But Verizon was and is very careful to not have a loop holeeto allow you to leave.

    I'm surprised to hear you had a Storm1 on an AllTel contract. Usually Verizon or AllTel won't activate a non network phone.

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    02-15-10 10:24 AM
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    Well that don't make since to me the same thing happened to us when the switch happened and they sent us the same phone that was alltell and we didn't have to sign another contract to do it.....

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    02-15-10 11:01 AM
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    Alltel plans have nothing to do with insurance replacements.

    Unless *you* were needing to take the Storm to Afganistan with you (in which case, Alltel plans didn't have the same global features) or unless she needed less or more minutes with your line being suspended, there would be no reason to change your plan. This goes for everything from ebay phones to VZW-store purchases. Alltel people can remain on their plans and use VZW phones.

    That said, VZW minute plans aren't all that scary. The minute allotments and prices between the VZW and Alltel plans alternate between each other, so there isn't any real "exact match" we can do, but we can usually figure something out. In some cases, you actually get a better deal depending on how many minutes you needed, but it really depends on the person.

    And finally, as much as I shouldn't be saying this, when in doubt, call and ask again for a second opinion, especially if your bill is on the line. If somebody isn't answering right, then maybe they'll have to learn through their callback stats. :P
    02-15-10 03:56 PM