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    Hello everyone, I just have a question regarding a plan from Rogers. I am in the process of signing myself and my brother up for the $100 Voice and Data Sharing Plan that Rogers has (200+200 shared anytime minutes, 1 Gb of data shared) Just wondering, on the website one of the features you can choose for free to add to the plan is unlimited sent/recieved messages...in a pamplet i picked up two sundays ago, it says unlimited text/video/picture/IM/email instead of "messages"...are they the same thing, or has that option been changed?

    I was talking to a Rogers rep, and i guess due to the increased competition, they made both phones have unlimited calling from 6pm for free, as opposed to 9pm, and they threw in call display and voicemail for both phones for free as well. Cant complain lol

    I forgot to ask the rep when i called, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone can provide an answer. Thanks.
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    its called the Messaging Unlimited bundle, and yes, its everything
    I have this
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