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    Ok I have a BB 8830 that Bell says I can upgrade with a $200.00 credit. Funny thing is I have a Samsung A920 that I have had for 1 year longer that only qualifies for a $100.00 credit, lol. I am sure a phone call can sort that out.

    My question is about the new HSPA network. I live in Edmonton and travel a fair amount across the country, mainly Saskatchewan, Ontario and a little bit outin rural Alberta.
    If I upgrade to a new BB for the HSPA network will I have the same service I do now on CDMA when traveling outside the HSPA network? I have have read some posts here that HSPA is not very reliable right now and I understand that it won't be until 2010.
    What it boils down to is I can wait until HSPA is fully up and running but if I get the same service right now for voice on HSPA as I can on CDMA then I will switch and have all that fun with the data side of it.
    12-08-09 09:47 AM
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    You should check with Bell re: the coverage of the HSPA network. I have read coverage in the prairie provinces is quite poor. You will not be able to roll back to the CDMA network with a HSPA device as they are different technologies.

    Hope it helps, keep us updated.

    12-08-09 12:31 PM
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    Excoelis, if you need coverage in Sask, then forget about HSPA for now. Sask, Manitoba and N.Ontario are no go zones with HSPA phone. From what I know, HSPA BB's only work in HSPA coverage area, they are not dual HSPA/CDMA units, like some dual CDMA/GSM BBs are.

    I took some screenshots from Bell's coverage maps, CDMA/HSPA coverage comparison, see the second part of this post:


    or the original interactive maps on Bell's website:

    Bell - Business On The Go - Coverage
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    12-08-09 02:11 PM
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    Thanks You I never knew that about HSPA.
    12-10-09 09:43 AM
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    The problem with HSPA in Manitoba and Sask. is that those two provinces are neither Bell nor Telus territory, they are mostly served by MTS and SaskTel respectively, both are CDMA carriers, at least for now.
    12-10-09 02:43 PM