View Poll Results: Do you want a "Push to Talk" feature on your Verizon BlackBerry device?

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  • Yes!!! Push to talk and's a match made in heaven!

    11 37.93%
  • Yes but only if it could be intergrated to work with the Sprint/Nextel Direct Connect feature.

    1 3.45%
  • No. I can "get things done" just fine without Push to Talk on my Berry.

    9 31.03%
  • I don't really care!

    8 27.59%
02-09-10 12:17 AM
27 12
  1. plstx's Avatar
    PTT has to be the most annoying thing in the world. Not only do I have to hear one side of an inane conversation, I have to hear the other side as well.
    I agree, but we have a landscape bussiness and we would ONLY use ptt on jobsites.

    I would never, or allow any of our guys, to walk around a store using ptt.
    02-09-10 12:08 AM
  2. Jude526's Avatar
    people on their BT and talking loudly bother me as well. I don't need to hear conversations. I think it is rude when you are talking and wanting my assistance and won't get off the phone. I won't help till you are off the phone. I am a professional and if you want my time then you give me your time.
    02-09-10 12:17 AM
27 12