1. hb7's Avatar
    at the top of my bold 9700, above the time, it used to say ROGERS but i did a reboot and it now says Rogers Wireless. did this happen to anybody else too?
    12-18-09 01:28 AM
  2. rmcmann's Avatar
    Depending on what area of Canada you're in, Rogers has been running some upgrading to their HSDPA (3G+) networks and expanding into smaller markets, to keep up with Bell and Telus just launching their's a few weeks back. It's been a long, LONG, process. (The iPhone for both carriers is proof of that). The same thing happened to me in Lloydminster, AB/SK and Camrose, AB a few months back. Mine went back to "ROGERS" once I was back in a major center, (Edmonton).

    They may also be amping up to launch 4G in major markets.
    12-18-09 02:34 AM