1. blitzjb's Avatar
    Are there any know outages?
    12-17-09 08:22 AM
  2. HuKaShI's Avatar
    I don't know about any known outtages but I'm missing some emails...
    12-17-09 08:23 AM
  3. pgrudo01's Avatar
    I am in Philadelphia and cannot send or receive emails using AT&T.

    I even deleted and re-added the email account and nothing.

    My BBM works fine and Facebook app.
    12-17-09 08:26 AM
  4. andy957's Avatar
    Same here. Wonder if BIS is down. Not getting any emails on Rogers, Bell or Telus.
    12-17-09 08:26 AM
  5. davidnc's Avatar
    Are there any know outages?


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    12-17-09 08:27 AM
  6. bradyapba's Avatar
    I hope there is. I cant get emails, i cant even get into my email settings, getting host server error. Cant upload to facebook. I also am on Verizon, and i am in the North East. Im hoping its an outage, and not my phone.
    12-17-09 08:27 AM
  7. cgars1's Avatar
    in CT and we aren't receive or sending emails from any type of account, 4 people and i have a customer complaining, looking into it
    12-17-09 08:27 AM
  8. chartle's Avatar
    No email from my work or MSN accounts since 1:30 AM.
    12-17-09 08:27 AM
  9. rnd0209's Avatar
    No email for me, im on Long Island Suffolk county. But BBM works?? What gives!
    12-17-09 08:29 AM
  10. inphoenix#CB's Avatar
    Using Verizon in Arizona. Nothing worked this morning. Now I have internet access. No BIS emails yet.

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    12-17-09 08:31 AM