1. m0destm0use's Avatar
    Anyone know if and when Sprint has plans to release an official 5.0 OS for the Curve? I run at the moment and it's alright, but I keep reading about how awesome the 5.0 OS is on other phones, so I'm curious. I've also tried upgrading to .175 and found it glitchy and unbearable.
    02-14-10 09:06 AM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    I think if 8330m was going to see 5.0, we would have at least seen ONE leak by now. If you really want 5.0, trade your phone for a 5.0 compatible 8330.

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    02-14-10 10:57 AM
  3. saintj's Avatar
    I think you will actually have to upgrade to the new curve to getthe 5.0
    02-14-10 03:05 PM
  4. ICUJockin's Avatar
    Blackberry dose have plans to release 5.0 for only the 8330 in the 8300 series Curve. whether or not Sprint will is another question.

    It was mentioned a while back on one of the Crackberry blogs. If you search hard enough, I'm sure you'll find it.
    02-14-10 04:35 PM
  5. tspderek's Avatar
    I suspect that they will not. Boost mobile has it, but boost mobile is all 8330e. Sprint, with their mixture of 8330e and 8330m, is probably not going to put out an OS that only works on half their phones, especially when it doesn't really run all that well on the 8330 - not enough memory. Yes, us berryheads love it but we're fine with stripping the OS out, and rebooting our phones, and limiting the apps we run all in the name of the best OS. Your average customer isn't going to want to deal with that crap. Besides, 8330 is old and busted. 8530, the Tours... those are the current phones.
    02-14-10 11:37 PM
  6. StraightWisdom's Avatar
    It'll come out for the 8330, but there is no telling when. If Sprint will be releasing it, is a whole different situation.
    02-15-10 01:05 AM
  7. tspderek's Avatar
    8330m users are most likely stuck with 4.5, though.
    02-15-10 08:12 AM
  8. SocialJusticeKen's Avatar
    I got the 5.0 OS for my Sprint Curve 8330
    02-17-10 12:49 AM
  9. Bdower's Avatar
    I got the 5.0 OS for my Sprint Curve 8330
    And where, pray tell, did you get that? Last time I talked to a Sprint rep when swapping BB's for a user he figured sometime this summer for an "offical" release. I'm running BBM 5 but that's all I could get to run, so far.
    02-17-10 10:41 AM
  10. SocialJusticeKen's Avatar
    i dont know i had to get my phone replaced yesterday. And i went to sprint store handled by PWP wireless and he gave me a used phone. I took it home and connected it to Blackberry Desktop Manager and it offered me 5.0 as an update via Blackberry Desktop Manager, of course i took it! But now i find out that it has some problems like data issues, etc at times and that i'm not supposed to even have it, yea like i'm gonna downgrade on my own, yea right, i hate 4.5 now. I'll never go back to it i'd rather jump ships and switch companies. So now i'm trying to decide what im gonna do either deal with some of the crap of having this 5.0.
    02-17-10 06:43 PM
  11. c1971ace's Avatar
    Or just wait and upgrade to a newer phobe with 5.0...that seems like your best bet only cause those phones are built to handle it.

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    02-17-10 06:47 PM
  12. SocialJusticeKen's Avatar
    Sorry my loyalty is not that strong to sprint. If i'm going to buy a new device, i'm going to go to a new company because the customer service i've recieve from sprint has to be the crappiest in the world.
    02-17-10 06:54 PM