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    I've looked around the forums and despite a few people answering my questions, I still want a few more answered. The scenario at the moment is I'm considering buying a Curve 8520 on Orange as all my friends have one, and my phone at the moment is quite dated. So I decided to buy a blackberry.

    I just have a few questions that I would like to be answered before I buy one tommorrow.

    1) It seems that for you to use BIS on PAYG orange phones, you need to call up 450 helpline and they will set it up for you. Do they fully set it up for you or do you have to do something else as well? I was told something about registering online.

    2) Once you have your BIS set-up, does this include Blackberry Messenger as this is a main feature that I want for my blackberry. Can I also use facebook unlimited with the BIS set-up?

    3) I have read that you get 50mb of data with the BIS. Is this enough to use BBM regulary?

    If there's anything important I also need to know it will be very grateful.

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    1/ yes you have to go to blackberry.orange.co.uk and register the device inputting you sim and pin number, this will not work until bis is activated and working on your phone.

    2/ Yes it will include BM, you might have to download the latest version to get all the gimics people talk about but you will have a version already on the phone for sure. Yes you can also use facebook unlimited so long as you dont upload loads of pictures

    3/ Yes thats correct on the payg tariff, yes its plenty for bbm, unless you have any intentions of streaming music, radio or video it will be more than enough for messenger. The bis connection go's through orange to blackberrys server which compresses all the data and text can be compressed quite a bit unlike pictures and video.

    4/ I know you didnt ask 4 but if you connect to your wifi when your at home / college / work you will find you use very little data over orange. I use my bb 24 / 7 but dont stream data, last month I used 8mb over the bis connection, 76mb over the orange internet connection (non bb applications like googlemaps and bolt) and quite a bit over wifi.

    Have fun you will love it.
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    Thanks man, great information. I will tell you if I get it up and running tommorrow.
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